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lilith_loveland's Journal
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Date:2004-11-01 15:21
Mood: grateful

I just had a wild urge to tackleglomp Lilth and tell the world how much nicer my life is for knowing her.

Even when she's spinning madly on her own deadlines and crazy life, she somehow manages to keep her wits about her and calms me down so often it's uncanny. And she has the most WONDERFUL quilt, I can't begin to tell you!

And when life is calm, and nice, and quiet... she revels in it with me, and spams me with pretty piccies and music.

I think if she lived closer I would probably overdose from bliss.

*hugs my little point of sanity in Canada* I actually had a thought to write you a poem to post here, but my brain is spinny today. But I still might! Fear me.

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Date:2004-07-19 21:31
Subject:She knows why.
Mood: content

I was gonna post this in my writing journal but it's not the kind of writing I put in there, so I think this one needs to snuggle down in here. Cause I wrote it for my Lilypoo.

Drabble (100 words exactly): Fly Free

Ah, gravity. That force that seeks to keep us puny humans from flying, though we wish to keep our heads in the clouds. Gravity sternly reminds us that we are but wobbly creatures with both feet planted firmly on the ground.

One woman understands the gravity of the situation. And she smiles, as she slips the picture onto the nail on the wall. Absurdly, the figure in the picture has broken free from gravity’s rules. Her feet point skyward, her frown quite literally turned upside down.

Sometimes breaking free means playing by our own rules. Sometimes, we just have to.

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Date:2004-07-15 13:06
Mood: silly

A very wicked drabble (100 words exactly) for Lilith. Cause, I'm just *so bad*. And she knows it.

For your first lesson today...Collapse )

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Date:2004-05-25 23:05
Mood: naughty

*bats eyes demurely*

Made ya an icon, babe.

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Date:2004-05-24 00:10
Subject:Snacky Snacky

*Buys Lilith some Very Hot Pretzels*

Thanky for just being your wacky wonderful self and filling in all the little niches with warmth and somehow 'getting it' tonight.

Yay for pretzels. Want mustard with that, dear? ;)

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Date:2004-05-09 17:26
Mood: amused

It's not in your interests, but you did say you liked him, so ...

ricky martinCollapse )

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Date:2004-05-09 02:34
Subject:pic spam
Mood: quixotic

i love lilith, yes, i do!

since you're into van helsing, here's a little picture to make you smile, sweetie.

hugh jackman with action figureCollapse )

and an oldie but goodie.

faramir and boromirCollapse )

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Date:2004-05-09 02:05
Subject:Song Lyric Spammage Yay!
Mood: Musical

When I was browsing Lilith's interests tonight on her info page, I happened to notice one we share that I have never mentioned - I didn't know she was a fan of Daniel Lanois, too! And while these lyrics really don't pertain to how I feel about Lilith, I thought I would share them with her as this is my favorite song by the man. I've been known to play my Acadie CD rather incessantly when the muse is demanding his music.

Jolie Louise

Ma jolie, how do you do?
Mon nom est Jean-Guy Thibodeau
I come from east of Gatineau
My name is Jean-Guy, ma jolie.
J'ai une maison a La Fontaine
Where we will live if you marry me
Une belle maison a La Fontaine
Where we will live, you and me
Oh Louise, ohoh, ma jolie Louise.

Tous les matins au soleil
I did work 'til work is done;
Tous les matins au soleil
I did work 'til work is done.
And one day the foreman
Said "Jean-Guy, we must let you go"
Et puis mon nom, y'est pas bon
At the mill anymore
Oh Louise, I'm losing my head, I'm losing my head.

My kids are small, four and three
Et la bouteille, she's mon ami.
I drink the rum 'til I can't see
It hides the shame Louise does not see.
A carousel turns in my head
And I can't hide, no no no no,
And the rage turned in my head
And Louise, I struck her down, down on the ground
I'm losing my mind, I'm losing my mind.

En septembre '63, the kids are gone and so is Louise.
Ontario they did go, near la ville de Toronto.
Now my tears they roll down, tous les jours, oh oh oh oh,
And I remember the days and the promises that we made,
Oh Louise, ma jolie Louise, ma jolie Louise.

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Date:2004-05-09 01:46
Subject:First Post and Welcome!
Mood: cheerful

Welcome to the little corner of LiveJournal where we massively fangirl Lilith.

I added a default icon I think she will like, but there's room for two more! If anyone has one they know will make her smile, let me know where to find it!

I <3 Lilith.

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