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She knows why.

I was gonna post this in my writing journal but it's not the kind of writing I put in there, so I think this one needs to snuggle down in here. Cause I wrote it for my Lilypoo.

Drabble (100 words exactly): Fly Free

Ah, gravity. That force that seeks to keep us puny humans from flying, though we wish to keep our heads in the clouds. Gravity sternly reminds us that we are but wobbly creatures with both feet planted firmly on the ground.

One woman understands the gravity of the situation. And she smiles, as she slips the picture onto the nail on the wall. Absurdly, the figure in the picture has broken free from gravity’s rules. Her feet point skyward, her frown quite literally turned upside down.

Sometimes breaking free means playing by our own rules. Sometimes, we just have to.
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