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This is a little community for friends of Lilith, aka lilithilien. I could probably list a thousand reasons why she's earned her own little corner of acceptance, snuggles and love, but I'd bet that those of us who know her are already nodding and agreeing.

She's warm and friendly, and never speaks ill of others.

She's fun! Really fun! From Bollywood to Gardening, and all points in between, she's got something interesting to say on nearly any topic.

Her empathy. You've felt it, I know you have. When you're feeling down, or alone, she zeroes right in on what's lacking and give it, freely, happily, as if it's the most natural thing in the world for her to do.

So - let's give it right back. Lilith is a very special woman, with a lot of love to share with all of us. Now you've got a place to pay her back - with snuggly posts, links to things you know she will like, whatever you wish, as long as it will make Lilith happy. Cause that's what this place is all about.

If you are in doubt on what to post that might make her giggle, check the interests listed on this info page for some idea fodder. Have you EVER seen a more diverse interest list????!?!?!?!
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